Харрис, Томас Лейк

Материал из Телемапедии

Thomas Lake Harris America 1823 - 1906 Teachers: Franz Anton Mesmer ;P. B. Randolph; Frederick Hockley; Andrew Jackson Davis (The Poukeepsie Seer); General Ethan Allen Hitchcock; Jemima Wilkinson (The Universal Friend) ;Emma Curtis Hopkins from the New Thought Movement ; Mary Baker Eddy of Christian Science fame; Emanuel Swedenborg; John Humphrey Noyes of Oneida Community); Emanuel Swedenborg; Jakob Bohme; Anna Kingsford; Hiram E. Butler; Dr, Peebles; Students: Laurence Oliphant; William Q. Judge; Ida Craddock; Alice Bunker Stockham MD; J. William Lloyd, MD; Alfred Austin; Nagasawa Kanaye; Arai Osui; Hatakeyama Yoshinari; Ichiki Kanjuro AKA Mitsumura Junzo; Samejima Hisanobu; Yoshida Kiyonari ; Aldous Huxley ; Aleister Crowley;Samael Aun Weor ; Dr. Garth Wilkinson; Rev. H.B. Browning; W. P. Swainson  ; Friends and Enemies: William Miller (Seventh-day Adventist Church); Joseph Smith (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (AKA the Mormons)); Madame Blavatsky (Theosophical Society)  ; Kate Bingham; Nona Brooks (of Divine Science movement); Charles and Myrtle Fillmore (of the Unity movement); Ernest Holmes (Religious Science movement) ; the various Rosicrucian movements; Organizations: Cumberland Presbyterian Church; ; Unitarian Universalist Church (1844) ; Independence Christian Congregation, 1848; Mountain Cove Community 1850; Brotherhood of the New Life, Wassaic NY 1861; Fountain Grove community in CA. 1875; Author: Lyra Triumphalis; poems; Wisdom of Angels (1856); Arcana of Christianity (Genesis) (1857); Modern Spiritualism (1860); God's Breath in Man (1891) ; The Wisdom Of The Adepts aka Esoteric Science in Human History, 1884: Brotherhood of The New Life -- Esoteric Science in Human History. (1884); The Lord: The Two-in-One, Declared, Manifested and Glorified, , 1875; The New Republic; The Republic of the Sun; A Lyric of the Golden Age; A Lyric of the Morning Land ; An Epic of the Starry Heavens; A Voice from Heaven; The Luminous Life; The Holy City; Regina; his biography by a student is Life by A. A. Cuthbert, Glasgow 1908 Comments: "internal respiration" aka Pranayama breathing; Western Yoga; sex magick; Rosicrucian; Swedenborgian; Spiritualist; Karezza; Visited "planets" and "stars" in the astral, including Plyhymnia beyond Neptune, Sirius and the Black satellite Oriana, invisible source of Evil whose rays were as potent as all astrological /astronomical bodies on Human Fate. Christ (Jesus-Yessa) was both the masculine Spiritual and Feminine material Savior, and that coupling was imitated in the Natural World in the interplay of the Sexes. Controlling breath and sex are the keys to "mating" with your Spiritual Self, and the body should slowly have the mortal flesh replaced by a Heavenly incorruptible undying body while on Earth. Believed in Theo-Socialism, not democracy, but of course he would decide who the Sacred King who ruled was to be (hint, initials TLH); Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Lake_Harris; THREE FAMOUS OCCULTISTS by GM Hort (on Dr. John Dee, RB Inge on Franz Anton Mesmer and from the third essay, by W. P. Swainson, Thomas Lake Harris, no copyright date, private library