Бриттен, Эмма Хардинг

Материал из Телемапедии

Emma Hardinge Britten AKA Emma Floyd England / America 1823 – 1899 Teachers: Frederick Hockley; P. B. Randolph;Max Theon; Peter Davidson; Students: Horace Day; William Britten, husband; H.P. Blavatsky; Theodor Reuss; Thomas Burgoyne; Ed and Lorraine Warren, of "The Amityville Horror"; Zak Bagans; Bill Wilkens, of paranormalsocieties.com; Steven LaChance; Craig Piligian of "Ghost Hunters"; Jason Hawes, of the Atlantic Paranormal Society; Claudia Lee, of Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations; John Zaffis; Noah Voss,of GetGhostGear.com; Miss M. T. Shelhamer aka Mrs. Mary Theresa Shelhamer Longley ; Penny Dutton Raffa; Francis H. Smith; William H. Burr; Jack Perry's ; Robert Neil Porter; Dr. William Jennings Bryan; Ernest H. Peckham; Charles Proth; Logie Barrow; Mark A. Barwise; Wm. Edward Biederwolf; Helen Duncan; Gena Brealey; Kay Hunter; O. A. Brownson; C. Samuel Campbell; E. Haldeman-Julius; Reverend Arthur Chambers; C. P. Christensen; W. J. Crawford; William Crooke; Alan E. Crossley; Georgina Brealey; Stuart Cumberland aka Charles Garner; Arthur Delroy; Shaw Desmond; Dr. Ernest C. Feyrer; J. W. Frings; Isaac K. Funk; Elizabeth Harlow Goetz; I. C. I. Evans; Father Johannes Greber; Edmund Gurney; Trevor H. Hall; Charles Hallock; C. Hammond; Cecil Henland; Moses Hull; James H. Hyslop; Shirley Carson Jenney; Arthur Keith; Edward T. Bennett; Arnold Bennett; G. K. Chesterton; Julian Huxley; Hilaire Belloc; Caroline D. Larsen; Stanley de Brath ; Percy Street; Irene Toye Warner; Nettie Colburn Maynard; Robert Dale Owen; J. B. Packard ; J. S. Loveland; Jack Perry ; Robert Neil Porter; Kathy Carole; John W. Ring; "Rita" aka Mrs. Desmond Humphreys; C. E. Bechhofer Roberts aka "Ephesian"; H. Scheuing; Hester Travers Smith; W. F. Barrett; Mary Bruce Wallace; Lionel A. Weatherly; J. N. Maskelyne; Stewart Edward White and wife Betty White;

Friends: Abraham Lincoln; C. C. Massey AKA Charles Carlton Massey; Organizations: Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor; “Orphic Circle.”; led seances at Society for the Diffusion of Spiritual Knowledge; Theosophical Society (one of the 6 founding members) Author: Modern American Spiritualism (1870) and Nineteenth Century Miracles (1884); lectures - “The Discovering of Spirits,” “The Philosophy of the Spirit Circle,” “Hades,” ; “What Is the Basis of the Connection of the Natural and Spiritual Worlds?”, “The Coming Man; or the Next President of the United States,” (on Lincoln); Ghost Land: Researches Into The Mysteries Of Occultism; began The Western Star, magazine; The Two Worlds, a weekly Spiritualist newspaper.; edited Art Magic or Mundane, Sub-Mundane and Super-Mundane Spiritism: A Treatise in Three parts and Twenty Three Sections Comments: Spiritualist; trancework; defined the seven principles of Spiritualism still used;

  The Fatherhood of God.
  The Brotherhood of Man.
  The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.
  The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul.
  Personal Responsibility.
  Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth.
  Eternal Progress open to every human soul.

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