Хейдон, Джон

John Heydon AKA Eugenius Theodidactus England 1629 – c. 1667 Teachers: Elias Ashmole; Sir Thomas Browne, Thomas Vaughan, Sir Francis Bacon Students: Frederick Talbot; Friends: married the widow of Nicholas Culpeper in 1656; the Duke of Buckingham, patron; Enemies: accused of plagiarizing Sir Thomas Browne, Thomas Vaughan, Sir Francis Bacon and Elias Ashmole; Organizations: Author: English Physician's Guide or a Holy Guide (1662) ; "Psonthonphanchia, or a Quintuple Rosiecrucian Scourge for the due Correction of that Pseudo-chymist and Scurrilous Emperick, Geo. Thomson", ; Eugenius Theodidactus, the Prophetical Trumpeter... (1655); A New Method of Rosie Crucian Physick... (1658); The Rosie Crucian Infallible Axiomata; or, generall rules to know all things past, present, and to come (1660); The Harmony of the World... (1662); Theomagia, or the temple of wisdom in three parts, spiritual, celestial, and elemental: containing the occult powers of the angels of astromancy in the telesmatical sculpture of the Persians and Ægyptians: the mysterious vertues of the characters of the stars...the knowledge of the Rosie Crucian physick, and the miraculous secrets of nature..(three parts, 1662/4); Psonthonpanchia... (1664); The wise-mans crown, or, The glory of the rosie-cross; El Havarevna; or, the English Physitian's Tutor in the Astrobolismes of Metals Rosie Crucian (1665); The Voyage to the Land of the Rosicrucians; The Idea of the Law; Comments: Neoplatonism; occult philosopher; Rosicrucian; astrologer; geomancer; Alchemy; attorney; imprisoned for predicting the death of Oliver Cromwell; Royalist during English Civil War; Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Heydon; http://www.sacred-texts.com/sro/rhr/index.htm