Мейс, Стивен

Материал из Телемапедии

Stephen Mace America 1948 - present Teachers: Austin Osman Spare; Aleister Crowley; Oswald Spengler; Students: Friends: Jerry Cornelius; Chuck Furnace; Truthseeker AKA Rick C****; Ray Sherwin, Chaos Magician AKA "Thessalonius Loyola"; Peter Carroll; Phil Hine; Julian Wilde; Adrian Savage; and The German Krew - Tula von Irminsul; Carsten Klatte ; Joe Asmodo ; Georg Dehn, who edited and published the German edition of Abramelin--Buch Abramelin--which he adapted from the 1725 Hammer edition, which is taken from the oldest German manuscript (in Wolfenbuettel, 1608); Enemies: Organizations: Author: Stealing the Fire from Heaven (on AO Spare); Taking Power: Claiming Our Divinity Through Magick ; Seizing Power: Reclaiming Our Liberty Through Magick; Spirits and their Training; Sending Power to Help and Hurt; Sorcery as Virtual Mechanics; Letters from America (7 previously published articles) Chaos: a Thelemic Approach;an as of yet unpublished book on Neoplatonism; articles in AHA Zeitschrift, 2005 ; Comments: Sorcery; Thelemite; Resources: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8&field-author=Stephen%20Mace&ie=UTF8&search-alias=books&sort=relevancerank; Google Way Back has caught his authorized essay on politics, Culture and Sorcery at http://web.archive.org/web/20070223220251/http://www.newfalcon.com/author_articles/mace_huddled_a.htm, so you can read his style there, make sure you get through the politics at the beginning to see his Psychic analysis, that is where he shines ;